15 Most Powerful Women in U.S. Philanthropy

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Seventy-Five North board member Susie Buffett makes the list at no.2. 

Congratulations to our own Susie Buffett for the well-deserved recognition on her work and influence in taking action and leading others to to do the same in charitable and pro-active efforts of giving. An excerpt from the David Callahan article for "Inside Philanthropy";


The low profile daughter of Warren Buffett may not seem like an obvious choice for the number two slot, but hear me out. In essence, Susie Buffett controls not one, but two giant foundations. She's the chair of the secretive Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation (named after her late mother), which ranked among the five biggest foundations by giving in 2012, giving out $367 million. She has no real board looking over her shoulder at STBF, and the staff is pretty minimal. (See IP's look inside STBF.) That's a recipe for real power. We'd add that STBF's chief focus—empowering women to control their sexuality, health, and lives—strikes us as among the top areas where philanthropy is likely to effect seismic change in the 21st century. But Susie Buffett also controls a second foundation, her own Sherwood Foundation, which Warren dropped $1 billion on in 2012. Judging by how STBF spends money and how Sherwood has also been spending, Buffett is likely to be focused on putting the new money into play, rather than abiding by anything like normal foundation payout levels. Sherwood also has a wider focus than STBF, meaning that Susie Buffett is going to be influencing a lot of funding areas, given the foundation's expanded assets. My bet is that when we finally get the 2013 financial data, we'll see that the two foundations controlled by Susie Buffett gave away nearly as much money as the Ford Foundation—if not more."