A Chat with Board Member Kristin Williams

From Disinvestment to Restorative Development

“My vision is to someday walk down that street and see vibrant sidewalks full of people walking to a grocery story or children playing at a nearby park. A place where people feel safe and are thriving.” – Kristin Williams

As Director of Community Initiatives at The Sherwood Foundation, Kristin Williams is an advocate for communities in need. And as a board member of 75 North, she’s helping to create a restorative development in the Highlander neighborhood of North Omaha.

During our conversation, Williams spoke of the historical disparity and disinvestment in North Omaha – and how philanthropists now have the opportunity to partner with the local community to create something transformative. Let’s aspire to something better – together!

75 North exists for one purpose: to build healthy, sustainable, mixed-income communities within the Highlander neighborhood of North Omaha. We’ve been working to build a community within a community since 2011.