Partner Spotlight: Justin Moore, Principal and Owner of Spencer Management


With all of the construction in progress for the Highlander and Accelerator buildings here at 75 North, we decided to highlight a trusted partner chosen to collaborate with us on such an important milestone. As we inch near the grand opening for these projects, visitors who drive by can witness the growth in real time. But this effort does not happen without the dedication of multiple organizations, businesses and firms. From the concrete to the tenant support services, to installations and even strategic planning, it takes an entire team of great minds to pull it off. This month we are recognizing Justin Moore, Principal and Owner of Spencer Management, for being a critical addition to this strong force reshaping the view on North 30th Street.

Founded in 2009, Spencer Management currently focuses on Property Management and general construction services spanning across a few states (Nebraska, Georgia, Alabama and Florida). This company provides real estate property management services, maintenance, and commercial and residential snow removal services. When it’s all said and done, they are the ones responsible for sustaining the construction projects for future generations to come.

“I started working with 75 North a couple of years ago as a demolition contractor,” Justin says. “I originally knew of Othello’s work and he asked us to submit for future phases of development. We landed a couple of those bids as small business sub-contractors and we’ve been working on projects ever since.”

As the project began to grow, Justin continues to share that 75 North always provided clarity with his company so that they had the opportunity to compete with other bidders. This was a key element in helping Justin’s company secure future bids.

“Being a part of such a big project allows me a chance to think of the bigger picture,” Justin explains. “This is all part of a plan and I’m sure this is going to bring a new outlook into the neighborhood.”


In addition to helping with this development, being a North Omaha Native has taken Justin’s work to an entire new level with this endeavor. While taking initiative to grow the company across multiple states, it was always important to Justin that he claim stake in Omaha’s redevelopment opportunities as well. Another priority is to make sure that Spencer Management is providing quality and professional work so that others can appreciate the result on a long-term basis.

“What I love about my work the most is that I can easily bring people together to get things done. I know that these opportunities are helping people feed their families. I’m really passionate about being able to give back and help people grow in order to witness different ways of being successful,” he said.

Justin has plenty of experience to show others how to be versatile and advantageous in their entrepreneurial pursuits. He started a few business models in commercial cleaning and hotel renovations before going full throttle on construction management. These specialties are what lead to development projects in Florida and other states and his relationships have grown tremendously as a result.

“As long as this can help other people see the importance of sacrifice, I’m willing to help people do things like what I’ve done,” Justin says. “I like to see that others are on the grind for something greater and this is one of the things that motivates me the most.”

While Justin and his team are hard at work, we hope that you will join us for the grand opening this summer and be able to thank him for his efforts in person. To learn more about Spencer Management, visit them online at

Written by JoAnna LeFlore