Welcome Alexis!!


Introducing Alexis Bromley - Director of Strategic Partnerships

Seventy Five North is excited to welcome aboard our newest team member, Alexis Bromley! Through her efforts and strong leadership skills, Alexis brings the quality expertise needed for helping to establish meaningful relationships with other passionate members and organizations in the Omaha community. As a native Omahan and graduate from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Alexis is excited to merge her love for community development with her International Business and Marketing skills to further impact the mission of 75 North. While we thought about her dedication to improving the quality of life for Omaha residents, we thought it was best to let you hear from her firsthand and learn more about her outlook on life.

How did you come to know what your passions were?

I navigated college with the focus of getting a degree in business and setting a goal of moving up the corporate ladder quickly post-graduation. What actually happened was I landed at a nonprofit and felt a connection to the strong role they play in the community. Empathy and selflessness were ingrained in me while growing up, but I didn't realize how much I wanted this to play a part in my everyday work until I joined the nonprofit sector.

What is your favorite thing that you love about being in Omaha?

This is my home. I was born and raised here. I know the lay of the land and the people. There are no surprises about Omaha. I have knowledge of its history and the possibility of its future.

How important is the concept of revitalization to you?

Very! Urban Economics was one of my two favorite classes in college. Learning the context on why communities are set up the way they are and the politics and systemic issues that play a strong role sparks a personal interest. Revitalization is needed to combat urban issues and challenge the status quo.

What do you hope to bring to 75 North's future?

My goal is to ensure the Accelerator is empowering the neighborhood and the space is sought-after for people who often feel isolated in other parts of the community.

What's some advice you might have for younger women with career aspirations?

Follow your gut. You have a limited amount of time to pursue your passions before the fire that drives you starts to fade. Don't let it fade, start now and don't stop until you achieve your goal.

TV shows recently watched: The Night Of, Black-ish, and Big Little Lies

Favorite place to work out: outside!

Last book read: The First 90 Days by Michael D. Watkins. I wanted to get a head start in my new position.

Favorite item she carries with her everywhere: Ha! Vaseline.

Favorite concert of all time: Outkast's 20th Anniversary Tour in Milwaukee

As the development grows, we hope you will get to meet Alexis soon.

Written by JoAnna LeFlore